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Plan Fee Features
Basic $2 AUD + GST per user per month Full access plus phone & email support

Customers can choose between one-off plan payments, or automated recurring plan payments.

What is included?


  • Add and swap shifts
  • Publish schedules and provide real time notifications
  • Activate auto out-of-office notifications on your email
  • View staff schedules according to department, teams, or specific projects
  • Quickly add new employees to the system
  • Manage team member productivity
  • Add request to leave early for the day


  • Display all approved leave in the organisation
  • Allow managers to generate monthly rosters to identify any overlaps.
  • show public holidays relevant to your organisation so you can plan staff schedules
  • Synced with third party calendars in Google, Outlook, and Apple
  • Customise to suit your company's schedule
  • Block out leave availability for certain dates


  • Apply for leave using the calendar or a date picker
  • View status of leave requests
  • View live leave countdown to check remaining available leave credits
  • Receive real-time notification of leave updates (request, approval, cancellation)


  • Tap a contact to call or send sms to any team member
  • Create group chats according to department, team, or project
  • View group message feeds
  • Reduce emails and calls
  • Provide real-time company news and updates


  • Identify staff with the most number of available leave
  • Determine upcoming leave
  • Identify Staff currently on leave
  • Take note of staff birthdays and work anniversaries

Staff Schedule

Customised Calendar

Leave Tracker

Staff Communication

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Phone & Email Support